YZ450F Head Gasket Question

Hello again great and wise TT-ers!

After pulling apart my yz450f motor in search of a water leak, I took a closer

look at the head gasket and base gasket.

As you know, the gasket is for a special piston from Wiseco. I noticed that

even though there was no rupture in the gaskets, the passages in the gasket

for the water jacket did not match up to the water jacket of the cylinders,

at all.

Is that normal?

Thanks in advance,


It's not unusual for a head gasket to mismatch the passages at the cylinder or head deck. In the automotive world, head gaskets will often be used to adjust and modify circulation in one engine type for various applications.

What you need to be certain of is that there is no point at which a mismatched gasket allows coolant to flow from the cooling jackets to the oil anywhere where the oil lives.

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