01' Wr426

Hey guys. Sorry if this has been covered before but I have only just joined TT. I am looking at buying an 01 wr426 in a few days and was just wondering what to look for. It is selling for a reasonably low price ($4100 AUD) and the seller states that it is priced for quick sale but I just want to make sure that the bike isnt close to needing a top end rebuild or anything like that. Any advice would be appreciated.


How are we to know if is ready to be rebuilt? How many miles (KM) are on it and how hard has it been ridden? How is the compression? If top dead center is soft... it may need some work.


Are you near Newcastle NSW by any chance. I'd be happy to look at it with you.

yeah thats the thing I havent seen the bike so I don't know how many kms are on it but thanks for the advice. The bike is in campbeltown just out of sydney so a couple of hours from newcastle... I havent owned a bike in a fair while, do u have any idea what kind of mileage wr's are good for before they start needing a bit of freshening up?


You need to be careful. These bikes can cause you to spend alot of money in repairs if it hasn't been looked after.

01 models have titanium valves. I'd imagine it should have had a set by now. It's 7 years old. Also they can have 4th and 5th gear trouble. I'm not scaring you off, but you really need this to be checked, 4100 is the right kind of money.

Has the bloke got any reciepts of shimming the valves or servicing or anything like that.

I read somewhere people where getting 7000 k's before rebuilding. I'm sure someone will know.

If you do buy it and have any problems . You can contact me and I'll give you a hand if need be. I recently bought a cylinder head for a YZF400 complete. That will fit a 426 as well. So if it goes belly up let me know.


righto thanks mate. Ill take it for a ride to see how it runs and ask the seller if he has had any work done. Ill let u know how i go

I've heard around the 7000k mark as well. Mine's got more than 10,000. Valves started to move around the 7500k mark.

I did fifth gear recently and while I had the motor torn down I checked piston/ring tolerances. They were all within spec. Doesn't burn/use oil either. but it depends on how it was ridden.

If it's hard to start it could need valves adjusting.

cheers. I bought the bike and have had it for 2 days. It leaks a bit of oil from the breather hose which ive heard is normal and there is a little delay in throttle response under partial throttle opening, but it gets better as the bike warms up.

How much oil leakage is normal? Ive noticed oil sprayed around the back rim after riding so was thinking of just angling the breather hose down a bit. And do u think the roughness at partial throttle could simply be a matter of tuning?

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