wr426 engine durability ???

So im a Suzuki guy (hence my name). I have found what "appears" to be a killer deal on a 01 WR426 that all the dualsport work has alread been done on. Having owned primarly Suzuki's most of my life and a few DR's in my day - Im considering this yamaha.

Are these high compression WR Yamaha's engines as bulletproof as the DR motors? I am almost anal about my maintenence on my bikes so I know I will do my part. After browsing here in the Yamaha WR forum it reads like these things need oil changes all the time as well. I have normally changed the oil in my DRs every 1000 miles and swapped filters every other change. I had a 91 DR350 I put 20k on that way and it never missed a beat. Am I going to be "suprised" by what the WR is going to require or is this just the price Im going to pay for a more spirited trail toy?

Two strokes were fun when I was 16 or so but not my thing anymore.

Thanks in advance for your input.

The WRs will definately require more maintenance than your DRZ, but then again, they make more power, too. I rebuilt mine at about 7500 miles. The primary drive nut came loose and the loose gear dorked up the splines on the crank. While I had it apart, I looked at everything, replaced bearings, valves (the center intake valve had started to "mushroom") and went big bore as the cylinder was just slightly out of limits. I have about 3500 miles on the rebuild with no issues. I mostly trail ride at moderate pace, with a few dual sport rides thrown into the mix...typically 100-150 mile days adn 250-300 mile weekends. I change my air filter daily and the oil after every weekend of riding. It might be a bit of overkill, but it's a small price to pay comparred to a complete rebuild. One of my riding partners, MDS55 on htis board, has a 99 YZ400F, which is basically the same motor except it has stainless steel valves instead of Ti (as do the 00 WR426's...01 and up have Ti valves). His scooter has probably a gazillion hard miles on it and still runs strong. Ahgain, though, he does frequent oil changes and filter changes.

In short, these bikes are extremely reliable for very high performance thumpers, and yes, the power and handling are worth the extra maintenance.

DRZ... WR... two different beasts! I still like mine and can STILL keep up after 6 years!

High quality oil, Frequent changes and clean air filters are what these motors live one.

Skimp on any and you will kill it quickly.

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