I have a 2007 wr with 140 mi on it, and last weekend I got 42 mi before I went to reserve. Is this normal?

I an 07 and I got 50 last weekend and didn't hit the reserve, and I'm jetted richer. Did you lay the bike down and spill gas? Or was it full to start?

I guess you were in dirt . right? with a stock tank and jetting . it does not sound real far off . I think mine went farther as the motor broke in. I get 115 before I switch to reserve on road with a ims tank. it the dirt it's like 70 or so

Stock tank, But AIS removal, E2 pipe, jetted, I was about 4000 ft at Hungry Vally, Maybe it's not quite broke in yet? I was ridding hard the whole time.

Well, I dont know, I haven't been to desert yet, but now I'm a little concerned.

It's a brand new bike, do you think the floats sticks and it goes out the over flow, I don't know anything about the inside of a carburator, I can wrench, but no tunning.

It was topped to the top, I even spilled a bit!

Not bad with stock tank. I have a JD kit with one size larger main and I only get 50 before reserve on normal riding. If I am really hammering it then mid-low 40 before reserve.

Well now I want a little bigger tank! I'd like a black one like stock color, Any ideas where to get one??? I have only seen the blue and clear ones.

I have a 2007 wr with 140 mi on it, and last weekend I got 42 mi before I went to reserve. Is this normal?

The first couple of tanks on my 07 only went around 35 miles before having to hit reserve. Seems to have gotten a little better with the next tank or so. I have installed the JD jetting kit and done all the mods.

I got a 3.1 IMS in black. You will need shrouds off a YZ though.

Hey where did you get that tank from??? I went to something like, but that site did not have one in black for a 07, another place said not till March of this year for a black tank, do you have a picture of that tank on your bike??

with proper jetting, U should get 25 - 30mpg trail riding

I have the Clarke 2.8 gal tank on my 06' and hit reserve between 80 and 85 miles

My bike is jetted to a WB E2 pipe, and I got only about 40 before I hit reserve w/ stock tank, could the jetteing be that far off, I've always wondered when I get jetting work done how close to they come to getting it dialed in right,or whether I get half assed work that's close but it could be better.

My street bike has twin 48mm carbs on it, I had to get it jetted twice to get the power it should have, and my Raptor I had done once with a DR.D pipe seems ok to me as well as the WR does

Acerbis tanks will use the stock shrouds, and I think they come in black.

Acerbis I think only has the big 6 gal. tank, so far for the 2007

Justgastanks site days 3/1/08 they will have 2007 Acerbis wr450 tanks, and on Acerbis site shows a tank, but it says next to it No matches found.

But that being said that's the only places I looked!!

i hope thats not miles and not MPG

on the highway i get 110 miles b4 reserve

on the trails i get way better but i am not riding like i stole it either

nice avatar Lucky! :cool::applause:

I have a 2003 with the stock tank and can get 100 miles before switching to reserve. This is a combination of two-tracks, single-track, and dual sport riding.

Yep, I only get 42 Mi to a tank before reserve w/ the stock 2.1 tank

on a 07, I don't know about a 100 mi on a 2.1 tank, but maybe mine is jetted to rich, I don't have to use the choke to start it...

My '03 has the stock original 2.64 gal tank, and a .32 gal reserve.

I rode with a buddy this past weekend who has the 07' and he got 30mpg (50 or so miles on a 2.1 stock tank) before hitting reserve. His bike is running a little fat IMAO compare to my 06' We both have done the free mods (GYTR kit) and recommended removals. My bike did not run right until I took it to a shop and had it Dynoed. Best $125 I have spent

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