Remapped ignition for 2002?

What does Yamaha mean when they say that the ignition has been remapped? Was this done to help starting problems?


starting problems?

I dunno but I just bought 2k2 wr and haven't noticed a problem witht the starting that everyone is talking about.

Im not too sure on this...but I believe the re-mapped ignition improves throttle response and engine performance.

There is NO problem starting an 02' WR 426, cold, hot, crashed, whenever. I was able to take away any stumbling of the motor and I can whack the throttle pretty hard without the bog, and I have not done the BK mod.

If it does bog that means you are riding a gear too high.

Remapping is another word for changing timing on a computer chip. The old automotive distributors worked on syntrifical weights to advance the timing which is a absolute pain in the ass back then to change how much advance accured and when. With this computer stuff most of the time joe blow can not change it which is good for emissions. But If you have a programable chip and software it's a breeze once you learn it. I wouldn't recommend going a programable because it seems faily good already.

On this starting thing, I couldn't start my 2002 wr426 for the life of me. And If it coughed and stalled during warm up that was it for a few hours. Once I changed to a 45 PJ and a 170 mj the bike starts without the choke everytime on the first kick and hot starts fine with the hot start button. I would at least turn your pilot jet screw out a turn before you try and start it again and see whats happens.

> woup-dee-doo - If it coughed and stalled during > warm up that was it for a few hours

A few hours ? what were ya doing to that thing :D

I have to wonder why some of us have trouble starting and others (myself included) have no trouble ?

My only trouble is not being tall enough to kick

it w/o the stand. at 5'9" I hafta take a run and jump just to get on them :)

I think i was doing, auh i forget. The dealer took three compression kicks to start it when i got it. then I went and read the instructions and it said to pull the choke and give it a couple turns of the throttle and stroke it over a few times, then give it a good kick. Well i think that was the wrong idea for temps above freezing. Now I don't use the choke and have the sqwirt at .5 sec and it starts on the first kick everytime. Once it is warm at all I have to use the hot start button.

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