Gear Ratios and SPEED !

Hi all

Looking to replace my ex-XR650 with a used WR450.

Looking at gear ratios it seems all years use the same?

Primary reduction ratio 62/22 (2.818)

Secondary reduction ratio 50/14 (3.571)

Gear ratio:

1st 29/12 (2.416)

2nd 26/15 (1.733)

3rd 21/16 (1.312)

4th 21/20 (1.050)

5th 21/25 (0.840)

Now, I want some tarmac performance so will gear it up a tooth to 15-50, which according to my gear calc will still give a lower 1st gear than I was running on a DRZ400 (with 15-47), which was a little high geared off-road but not a problem for me. But on road much better.

DRZ - Primary reduction 2.96

DRZ - Gears

1st 2.285

2nd 1.733

3rd 1.375

4th 1.09

5th 0.863

Has anyone got a WR450 gear calc so I can check my figures? Does anyone run 15-50 for dual-use? I want to cruise at 70mph ideally.....



Oh come on Pl-e-e-e-e--e-a-se !

Anyone got a gear calculator ??


calc no but you can gear this bike no problem....i run 15/48 for baja and dual sporting rides and even some desert and this bike will pull it no problem

The primary reduction ratio on the 07 changed. As a result, the standard 13/50 gearing on the 07 is more or less equivalent to the 14/50 on previous year bikes.

OK thanks - useful to know. So an 07 is easy to gear up then eh.


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