2004 WR450 What to Look For

Another question - I know this vintage is a little bigger and top-heavy compared to later ones but anything to look for when checking over a second-hand model? Any weak points in the engine?

Thanks for any advice


Well, i own a 2004. When i got it used, it looked like it had 10 hours on it. Carb was gummed up, and paint was still on the frame by the footpegs (these are both good things when buying used IMO, it shows the bike has sat in a garage). Now i have hundreds of hours on it and it shows. The paint and engine covers are scuffed completely from boots. plastics are scratched and tires need replacing (AGAIN). Dirtbikes need maintainance, and i have had to replace steering head bearings. The valves have been checked but haven't moved (no adjustments). So: gas,oil,tires RIDE IT !

OK, thanks for the reply that is reassuring.

They do seem like reliable engines from all accounts, but buying second-hand you never know what the previous owners might have done to it.

as an aside my first Yamaha was a DT175 that was really poorly built, then more recently a brief affair with a TTR-250 which was the complete opposite - a great bike just completely gutless!

Coming from an XR650 and a KTM-525 I like plenty of go but want something a bit more "Japanese" but smaller than the XR.

If I get on well with an older WR450 then later this year I will get a newer one, preferably brand-new!


Yeah, get brand new if you can afford it! Then if it breaks down you can blame only Yamaha or yourself. Heh.

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