wr 400 rebuild how many hrs miles to run in

hi guys

i have just had to rebuild my wr 400 engine because the big end siezed..i have replaced the main engine bearings,conrod and pin,big end bearing,oil pump and rotor,new set of rings and a timing chain whilst i am in there iam going do the yz timing mod...

my question is how many hrs or miles should i do for the running in procedure



I believe everyone has a favourite way to run there machine in. But here's how I do it. Run it for approximately 20minutes. Just medium running. Not flogging it. Let it cool til cold. Then gradually increase it's revs as you ride it.Ther's not much to bed in really. Chrome bores give little friction. Remember change the oil often. It's the cheapest maintenance you can do.

After an hour, you will be fully broken in (actually, within the first fifteen minutes). Do an oil change!

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