Cutting the stock silencer down??

Is there any gains from cutting the stock silencer? I want to cut down the stock pipe about 3" so it does not stick out so far and to maybe gain a little performance if there is any to be gained from the stock pipe.

no gain what so ever except ruining a perfectly good exhaust that can be sold on TT or ebay....n fact it may even give you worse performance

selll it and buy what you want :banghead:

exactly what he said... none or loss of performance and it will be a little louder.... not good. :banghead:

if your wantin a little more power with shorter pipe... sell your stock one on ebay and get a fmf 4.1 slip on.

I dont have a 450 but I have an 04 250F. I was in the same position as you, not liking the length of the pipe. I went ahead and cut it off about 2 1/4 inches. Its hard to say if I gained or lost any performance, if I did, its not enough to notice a difference. Its also not much louder, you wouldnt be able to tell but it does look much nicer! :banghead:


if you shorten the can and increase the volume of the chamber (remove some packing material) it increases bottom end response without sacrificing too much top end. i did this a couple yrs ago with a powercore 4,shortened it 3" and took out the fluffy packing leaving the 1/2" matt which i siliconed to inside of the can to keep it from rattling around;it worked really well. this was done after discussions with a fmf engineer and the can is still in use on my buddies wr450. kinda funny,fmf shortened the cans the next yr:thumbsup:

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