ok weightlifters

What suplements do you take and when do you take them. Thanks guys

Ephedra and The Chronic :)

just kidding, couldn't resist

creatine 3 month cycle then off. Whey protein in shakes. Endurox after the ride,this stuff works

We have a broad range of choices here in South Australia. I tend to favour Southwark Bitter which has 25 IBU's (International Bitterness Units) though my mates tend to head for the world famous Coopers Pale Ale ("a meal in itself"). Also Bundaberg Rum is very important.

As we don't drink before races or ride our speed is enhanced by anticipation.

One of my mates uses Powerade a bit but I find it flavours your camel with a stale taste so stick with water and maybe a couple of Muesli bars chucked in.

Lots of Lean Red Meat....3 days a week in the weight room /Whirlpool.....Running 2 days a week running followed by a swim.

500mg of Naprocyn and 500mg of Robaxin 2x per day.


Bonzai :)

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Originally posted by YAMAKAZE:

500mg of Naprocyn and 500mg of Robaxin 2x per day.


I think YAMAKAZE gives new meaning to "Better living through chemistry"


I used endurox when i used to run marathons, great recovery drink. Dont get the orange! A pharmacist turned me on to Glucosamine / Chondroitin Supplements for sore joints... much better than the prescription anti-inflamitory that made me fart. A lot.

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Micronised creatine monohydrate for enhanced anaerobic muscle (fast twitch) actions ie strength improvement and endurance.

Colostrum (preferably from New Zealand) for muscle recovery and immune system enhancement.

Both are usually combined with Whey Protein (amino acids) supplements which aid growth and muscle recovery. For these to work one needs to physically stress the body then rest (adaptive overload principle).

Guarana for metabolic stimulation before muscle exertion.

Most importantly, H2O, because its the most abundant compound in the body and all body functions depend upon it, from cellular osmosis to temperature control.

12pk coors and doobie 30 minutes before riding,pint of wild turkey during ride and 12 pack coors when i finish riding.

yea guys thanks for the serious responses. i appreciate it. As for the other guys did you know drinking beer makes you smarter. studies show thatby drinking an overaubnance of beer kills millions of brain cells. But it kills the weak and dying cells first which in turn make you smarter. wow what a concept. Next time i will make a post asking what kind of beer to drink befor i go kill somone on the trails. Thanks

I weight & cardio train, basically to keep my weight down and to build muscle. I lost 45 lbs. last year from 245 to 200. I put back on about 10 lbs over the winter and was eating EVERYTHING, but lifting heavier too. When I'm trying to cut weight/fat and lean out like now. I use a lot of protein shakes & bars. EAS Whey protein shakes seem to taste the best, but Optimum Nutrition makes an okay one that has Glutamine and it really does seem to help with muscle recovery. Plus limit my carbs to a reasonable amount, meaning I don't eat two baskets of chips before my Chimichanga...just kidding. I'll also use an ECA stack of somekind like Metablolife, Xenadrine, etc., if I'm really having a hard time eating responsibly! I have not tried Creatine, but may in the future.

Water is THE most important thing you can use...and it's almost free! Whether you're trying to loose, gain or recover, you need water and lots of it!! I try to down 1-1.5 gallons a day. It helps flush your system obviously, but I understand it's also quite important in delivering adequate amounts of protein to your muscles. A lot of people won't drink water when they're trying to loose weight because they feel bloated & fat. Trust me on this, if you're having a hard time losing weight and you're giving it half an effort, then step up the water consumption and I promise the weight will fall off.

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