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Best 200-250 dual-sport

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Hey, right now I am only 13 and ride an 00' XR100 but I love to plan ahead for these kind of things(FYI I wont get it for at least another year). What do you think is the best dual-sport between 200-250 (4 stroke) Bikes that are in that catagory but are not a stock dual-sport are welcome. I have checked all of the current models and I would like to know what your opinion is and if you have any experience on this. If you want to email me it is funbobfungi@netscape.net Btw, I would definitly prefer an electric start and I just want it to be street legal and maybe in a squeze fit two people. Street use will be light however, maybe just ride to school and to my friends house etc. Thanks

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I'll put in my complete unexperienced 2 cents!

I've been researching the whole dual sport 250 thing lately, and have actually decided on a bike!

I got this from another post, and here's the results of one of the motorcycle magazines tests/comparisons (plus comments I've gathered from my research)

1st)Yamaha WR250F - I understand this is a rocket! I'm injury prone and don't need this much power!

2nd)Honda XR250R - no electric start, but rock solid bike

3rd)KTM 250 EXC - out of my price range, not even considered

4th)Kawasaki KDX 220R - I've just never consider green - no reason really

5th)Suzuki DRZ250 - electric start, a little heavy, good power

6th)Kawasaki KLX300 - green again

7th)Yamaha TTR250 - electric start, but there's simply no aftermarket support.

I had narrowed it down to the XR250R and DRZ250, deciding on the DRZ250 because of the electric start.

Here's a couple of articles to read on the DRZ:



Good luck!

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That's a good idea and I never that aftermarket support was bad for the TTR. I looked at the DRZ stuff and man i am convinced that it is THE bike. How comfortable do you think it would be for some light street use also? Good info. Do you know anything about the stock dual-sports though, like the XT225 or the KLR250? Thanks

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Kawasaki makes a Super Sherpa which is a good bike off road. It needs the KLR fender in front though. The Yamaha XT225 is a very similar bike. Both are street legal and both have a resonable seat height which may or may not be important to you. Kawasaki KLR250 is also street legal but it is kick start. The SS is the only one of the three that I've riden and it is a lot of fun. Good power(190lbs) and very good handling. It is not sprung very stiffly so big hits and hard riding might require modification.

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How about a 198lb 250cc 2-stroke? This might not be legal in your state...


The XR250R is a no loose proposition. You can turn it into a street bike or a race bike or leave it as a trail bike. Probably #2 for aftermarket parts. Harley being #1.

The CRF230R is the XR200 replacement. I think it will still have a weak suspension. Though it does have electric start.

DRZ250? I don't know too much about them.

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