YZF flywheel and coil on WR

Hi, this is my first post and I need a little advice or help.

I race supermoto in the UK, and last year I rodded my '05 YZF450 engine at my final race of the season. All is not lost completely, I have managed to weld up the cases.

However, I got hold of a dirt cheap '05 WR450 engine in the christmas break.

Obviously the stator and cdi's are different between the two, but has anyone ever mounted the YZF stator plate onto the WR LH case?

There are no lugs to mount it in there currently, but I am sure I could fabricate a plate to do the job.

Has anyone done this?

I am running short of funds (as all racers are), and I dont wanna use the heavy flywheel of the WR anyway or have to buy another ignition.

I havent had a proper look at it yet, as we are making an RG500 frame, so the garage is messed up a bit.

Just want info to prepare myself for the work, or start looking for a way round my problem.

Cheers lads.

Well, for those interested, I have managed to do it !

It involved machining the taper of the WR crank to fit the YZF flywheel (as the WR is different) and making a backing plate for the YZF stator plate that mounts on the crankcase using the now disused starter gear hole and the lower case extraction hole at the bottom. The YZF flywheel now sticks out 12mm more than a normal YZF flywheel, but as the WR side casing is bigger, its no problem.

Its not a hard job if you have the equipment, but took a little thinking, but it was one tuner in the UK that told me it was impossible that spurred me on to find a way around it.

"I know these engines inside out and theres no way around it, I can sell you an ignition if you want...blah blah" No thanks matey, its done !

Thank God for that, I really didnt wanna have two ignition systems for my engines !

All I got to wait for now is my JE piston, its managed to find its way to Perth, Australia as it was put on the wrong plane in the States ! Its winging its way back to UK and to me this week.

LOL, you went beyond the effort 99.9% of the guys go through. you are indeed fortunate to have access to the equipment and skills to do this job.

As a TV huckster says "It is easy, once you know the secret". Congrats!

LOL, your piston has traveled to more places than the average person! Hopefully it has a good travel log of its' adventures.

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