Zip Ty shock link

I talked with a rider on a Michigan single track trail. We compared our WR426 addons. He swears that the Ty Davis shock link was the best mod he has made for trail riding. He claimed that the bike rides straighter and smoother through everything. Has anyone else used one and what did you think of it.

He's telling you the truth. I have a couple of friend's running the link and it does just what he say's it'll do.

Bonzai :)

I have one and I will be installing it on my WR400. (2000). I did a lot of research and I made the mistake of not installing it when my suspension was redone. I talked to Ty and his mechanic. There is a lot of bad information out there. I learned the modification was made by the factory to the 2001 or 2002 model. I cant remember which. You need to change some settings when you install it. Call Tys shop and they will give you the info. I am looking forward to the install in a few weeks when I install the Scott dampener. Post up if you install it. I say go for it!

Any one got any pics, i've never even herd of it.

I was wondering the same thing. Here's what the Zip-Ty website has:


If you want more bang for your buck; this is it! Make your bike track line like your on rails, absorb square edges like they ain't there There will be better breaking control and no valving changes will be needed. Soak up those wet slimy logs that are lying all over the trail. Guaranteed to put a smile on your face. $165 w/o bearings, $185 with

Wow! I'm smarter than I thunk! (oop's sorry thats the TTR side) Anyway,Ty linkage is same as 02 model..And Ty is up front enough to tell you and not bs you into spending your hard earned $$. So that means if I need something, 1st stop is his web-site

I feel the same way SoCalwr426 . The next time I make a buy I'll turn to ZipTy first.

THIS is a reliable way to make good business.

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