electric start

is there an electric start kit for a 426 i need to know because i have broken part of my right hip and tour a ligament. So if you know of one please reply.

Nope. Sorry. Looks like time for a WR450, or a KTM.:cool:

i already have a ktm :cool:

how much does the exhaust cam mod help?

and HELL no i will not get a WR

how much does the exhaust cam mod help?


But I'm curious, why not a WR when you were considering adding an e-start?

why not a wr? because its a wr no but seriously my friend bought one used and had to have the transmission redone in it after about a month of owning it (not BSing), i gave him hell because he bought a wr, and his electric start only worked about half the time it would just make a clicking noise so he eventually took the e start, battery and every thing that else made it a wr off.

so with the exhaust cam mode does it take less force to kick the bike over?

A little less, yes, but also, you won't ever run up against the full force of the next compression stroke by mistake, either.

well the ktm is my fathers he said he would trade with me but i like my 426 it's dialed in perfectly for me and the ktm aint and he weighs to much for the 426 and the ktm but the 426 really cant handle him. i will consider the exhaust cam mod how much $$ would it be.

You can get the OEM 450 cam for as little as $110. $12 more or so for shims and you're there.

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