Vermont Regulations?

Hey I ride a WR426 and I am looking into making it road legal over the winter to make it alittle easier to get around to my riding spots this spring. i live in VT and was wondering if anyone knows what exactly I need to pass inspection and what is a good source (cheap) to purchase the needed parts. I currently have a YZ fender on the rear without taillight. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Have you talked to the Vermont DMV? They're your best source for requirements...SC

Yep, talk to DMV. From what I understand, though, Vermont is one of the relatively easy places to plate a bike. I did it last year in Maine without too much hassle.

I made my own kit, but Baja Designs and Trick Dual Sport make plug and play kits with everything you need.

Check Baja Designs, they make nice Dual Sport kits. I just ordered one for my plated WR250F.

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