98 400wr suspension problems

When i ride my front suspension is constantly banging on the rebound. For example if I were to yank up on my handlebars the suspension isnt doing anything, it just bottoms out. Me and a friend replaced the oil with automatic transmission fluid(we read that alot of people use it)so I dont think that it is the oil. Please help me get my smooth ride on and thanks for the help.


I answered another post with the same problem yeserday.

I believe your damper rod top bearings are worn in the front forks. Take it to a suspension specialist for repair. You can do it yourself , but it's precise and fiddly.Yamaha don't sell these bearings but I believe they are available from specialist shop's. Good luck

Refer to Eric Gorr's MX motorcycle manual No3 for info on how to do this repair

:cool: hey doosh bag, your friend sounds like a smart guy:p

thanks for the help brt 426

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