New WR guy I feel better

I opened the old girl up today. All the standard BS you guys told me to do. I had another post where I exclaimed that I thought I may have made a mistake in going with the Yammy sponsorship. That was sincere..... I was worried!!!!!! NOT ANY MORE. Shit Fire and save matches she is alive. About 5hrs worth as I was being "gentle". GYTR kit but I opted for the 170 main. All the other crap.....;Why the hell dont they come this way?????? People would by them two @ a time if they ran this way box stock.. Really Thanks:applause: for your help you WR idiots!!!! I will rep you all well this 08 Thanks MAtt D

Yeah, give us a race report after you put 'er through the paces. Enjoy!

Yeah it is shocking why they come a certain way that everyone who really likes to rides changes immediately...I love my WR though...well minus the stock suspension the one thing that cost money to make better.

I got to say, yeah it is a bit inconvenient to have to "uncork" the bike when it is brand new but you really got to give it to Yamaha for taking the time to supply the kit and the instructions to fix it for a modest price. Why don't they make the bike this way? Well they basically do every thing in their power to do so by offering the kit and keeping it green sticker. I got to say, having the kit with the Yamaha blessing 30 feet away, in the same building when I bought the bike really swayed my decision. Correct me if I am wrong but Im pretty sure that the other brands don't offer factory kits like this, you have to go after market or figure out the proper jetting and mods from research, previous knowledge, or trial and error. So thumbs up to Yamaha for offering the kit...classy move.

Not to totally skew the topic but, the guy who thought it would be an effective way to battle emissions by going after single cylinder small displacement off road only vehicles....really?!!? Thats the best you could come up with. Not smoke belching semi trucks, power plants, airplanes, huge freaking suvs. He must have rode the short bus as a kid.

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