Valve Clearance? Help

Hello I have a 1983 XL600R and I have the service manual. I have removed teh crankshaft and timing mark hole caps and I have the piston at Top Dead Center. I know that the valves clearances need to be (intake .05mm and .10mm for exhaust.

When the piston is at Top Dead Center, which valves are the intake valves and which valves are the exhaust valves?


The intake valves are the the rear set that are closer to the back of the bike. The exhaust ones are the ones on the front of the head; right where the headers come out.

Remember there are two TDC's--a compression stroke TDC and an exhaust stroke TDC. To check/adjust the valves all four of them need to be full closed which means you need to be on the compression stroke TDC. Unless the valves are at 0 clearance, you'll know which TDC you're on because each tappet will have a smidgen of play on the compression TDC. Or, you can just watch the valves as you turn it over and notice the valves open/close. Make sure they're all closed as you reach TDC and you'll know that's the compression TDC.

The cam lobes should all be pointing downwards at a slight angle. This is compression TDC.

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