what to do w chain if changing front from stock 15 to 13

got xr650l 2005. I want to try 13 in front instead stock 15. do I need to adjust chain or take 1 part out of it? what's lifetime of the chain average 80 hwy 20 offroad riding. got 4200 miles on my bike.


You might have to shorten it by 2 links, or just take the adjusters all the way out. Its tough to say right off the bat w/o seeing it. Chain should last pretty long w/ the type of riding you do. My chain on my 650R has lasted a long time, and thats all hard off-road riding. Just keep it lubed and adjusted, and make sure its an o-ring chain, and it will last a LONG time...

yeah, rule of thumb is you can do a tooth with no changes, but then it's 2 links for two teeth. ie-1t is 0 links, 2t is 2 links, 3t is still 2 links, but 4t is 4 links, etc

Back when I owed a L,would run 15/45 and carry a 14 to swap on(can be done just adjusting chain).Dont think you'll like the 13 on highway.

Honestly, if you run 80% on the highway, I wouldn't run a 13T up front.....2 reasons.....the chain has to make a sharper turn around the smaller front sprocket, which will wear a $80 to $100+ O-ring chain out faster. Second, given that the rear stock 45T is used, I doubt you will like the drop on top end MPH....which is not to say the bike won't run 75+, it will, but it will do it running the motor quite a bit harder at higher RPM......

This takes a little more effort, but I have a set up for the woods, and for the street......I run stock 15/45 O-ring on the street.......on the weekend I have a different set....El-CheapO....steel 13T up front....45T in back....NON O-ring chain for the woods.......the whole setup is under $100. I keep X-tra masters for the NON O-ring, they tend to not take the wear and tear of changing frequently during the summer months.......

Anyway....hope this helps......ride hard or stay in the garage...............:cool:

Dont go to a 13 with 80/20 street/dirt. I run about the same 80/20 and run 15/48 and am very happy with it. Plus no chain mod needed.

Dont go to a 13 with 80/20 street/dirt. I run about the same 80/20 and run 15/48 and am very happy with it. Plus no chain mod needed.

+1. 13 not good. I have found the 15/48 is a good freeway, 50-50 dualsport gear. I carry and or will change to 14/48 if I know I will be doing lots of off road/ more technical riding. 14/48 is great off road. Snappy and you can climb most anything in 2/3rd gear, rarely are you dropping down to first. Good luck!

thank you guys for your guidance. I will probably stick with 15 to 14 variety and will try fist and than see. my bike does 91 (checked on gps) mph with stock gearing.

I'm trying to find out some way arround for whole day trail riding. let's say we do 100 -150 miles on hwy to get there and than whole day on the trails (good time to swap I guess) and than way back again on the hwy :-(

what's avarage chain lifetime?

thanks r

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