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03 yz250f gas

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Yeah, some people have been on this Board "forever" and have asked/answered a question many times. Some of them would like to move onto new territory.

They seem to forget that TT is always getting new members who need answers to questions that have been answered before. So ask anyway - there are plenty of people who would learn from new answers to "old questions" and plenty of people who don't mind giving the same answer again.

One other thought though -- you might try the "Search" function to look for previous posts on a subject. I've done that many times and have find great info in prior posts.

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actually, i should be the one saying sorry for coming across harsh.

like both of the posts above state ask away.

it just that between the 95 RON question and the glowing red header question over the last 3 years it has gotten very old.

i am HOPING to put together a good FAQ and nail it to the top so that all the easier questions are easier to find.

and yes, the "search" feature works real good too.

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