05 WR Buchanan Spoke length/bend issue?

Just got done lacing up my front wheel and it went smooth as silk (my first). All nipples turned down snug without protruding and the hub centered. So I moved to the rear wheel and laced her in. However, this time all of the outers on one side were about a nipple length long and the hub was offset from center. Now this being my first I am not sure but when laced up, the hub should be relatively close to centered right? I checked the pics that I took to begin with and the lacing pattern was correct. So heres the question...Has anyone on an '05 ever laced a rear 18 using buchanan spokes? I compared theirs with the OEM's and the bends are a bit deeper as was the length. The spokes they sent me did not say WR but instead they read 86-04 KX/YZ 18" disc. I figured they knew what they were doing because the fronts said the same but 21" disc and the front laced up tight. I am just wondering if anyone has run into this issue and if so did you lace away and grind off the excess? Let a brother know..:cool:

I don't know Buchanan spokes, but you should have 2 different lengths; on each side the inners are long and the outers are short. Have you got it set up that way?

If so, and the hub is still off center, loosen all the spokes on one side and tighten all the spokes on the other. Once you get the hub centered, start tightening in an every third spoke pattern till the wheel is tight and true. Grind off the excess if needed.

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