Can the stock exhaust be modified???

I just bought a new 07 XR650L and I am going to remove the smog this weekend and do Dave’s mod. I was just wondering is there anything you can do to the stock exhaust to improve performance.

Thanks Ron

First you can take the baffle out of the muffler, but that makes it sound kind of weird. Will run alittle better.

You can also take off the head pipe and grind down the welds on the inside of the pipes. You will see the restriction when you first pull it off.

Are there any other modifications that are worth trying? If not what would be a resonable after market pipe?

Thats about it for stock exhaust mods. Just do the jetting, a foam UNI filter, remove the airbox snorkel and remove smog.

An XR400 front fender greatly improves the looks. 25 bucks.

Try a 14 tooth countershaft sprocket or a 48 rear. I like 15/48. I do 75/25 street/dirt and it works well.

A battery relocation gets rid of some weight.

Find a nice cargo rack also.

If you want to buy an exhaust, look at White BROS. I use the E2 series muffler. Has an open tip and a sparky tip. Has a nice deep thump.

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