Never asked before carb Q: adjusting the throtttle stop screw

(its the black plastic adjuster knob on bottom/side of carb.) It raises and lower the slide. Anyone know where to set it or # of turns? Manual doesnt indicate. I'm doing more adjusting to my accelorator pump spray duration and timing, and wonder how the Throttle Stop Screw interplays.

Should the slide be completely shut with zero gap (when viewed from cylinder sde), or open 2 or 3 mm (how it is now). Help. :)

The thing with the idle speed screw is when you raise the idle, without changing your fuel screw setting, you will lean out your (idle) jetting.

As long as the bike idles at a low RPM, doesn't stumble on the way up, or hang on the way down, you should be all set.

Weather conditions and your fuel screw will have an active part in your idle speed settings/performance.

Looking at the carb, increasing the idle screw has the same effect as a very small throttle twist. How would it be leaner than the same amount applied throught the throttle?

ballistic, just use it to adjust the idle RPMs. Many people like the idle set somewhat high to help starting and reduce stalling. Personal preference. Set it like you like it.

There is a throttle slide cutout mentioned in the book but it isn't obvious to me where it is. If it exists you could conceivably completely close the throttle but without it a closed throttle would kill the bike. There is no interplay between the idle adjustment and the accelerator pump. (unless you set it so high you didn't have to twist the throttle, damn boundary conditions).



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