What do I do for a more dirtable dual sport?

I've done nearly every mod I've heard of-less any serious suspention-and even a few extras. Power issues are non-existant, but I still could use some agility.

Our group rides pretty often. A couple of drz's, an XR400, a CR450F, an atk350 and the occasional oil burner. None of them touch me on the open-no, not even the 450-but I sure work like a madman to smoke 'em in the tight stuff. I tend to lay it over a little more often than I should.

What's the next best dual sport? I'd sooner ride a bicycle than a drz. A 450F? Doesn't seem too streetable with power delivery. The XR400 is too disapointing after the torque I've grown to love.

What mods will make a more nimble, more agile 650L?

Looks like you have a nice hardware setup, ever work on the software? :) Seriously though, I would look into a riding class to improve your skills getting the BRP around the corners.

I myself have taken the Danny Walker's American Supercamp class several times and it is a BLAST!!! Where else can you spend $500 to crash someone else's XR100s for two days, with instruction from pro-racers like: Chris Carr (Grand National Flat-Track Champ), Nickey and Tommy Hayden, Aaron Yates, Colin Edwards, Ben & Eric Bostrom, and many other racers that show up to "guest instruct".

Yes the class teaches flat tracking not MXing, but the lessons boil down RIDING better.

Just my 2 cents, and a shameless plug for the school that lets you crash their XR100s as much as you want. Another note HRCA members get 10% off the class price!

Check out http://www.americansupercamp.com

You answer the question in the first sentence - suspension, and even though you love the 606's I would look at a more agressive tire,(imho).

I think you're right. Seems like suspension is all that's left. Start with a revalve? Also, who makes a more agressive dot tire? The d606 wears great, but I still eat at least three a season. One every 600-800 miles depending on terrain. About 1000-1200 on the front. I'd hate to replace them any quicker than that.

Thanks for the help.

I have a 650L, and I have removed all of the dashboard and the front headlight has been replaced with a lighter Acerbis unit. I fabbed aluminum switch mounts for hi/lo, KX 2 wire killswitch for horn, and Touratech GPS mount. I also had Scott's re-valve the forks and installed an SRC brace. These mods lightened the front end noticeably as well as helped flex. Also try an aggressive front tire, like the Pirelli mt-44. The bike will never be a lightweight, but will always be more fun than stock.

This is the most common question XR650L riders ask. Unfortunately Honda doesn't listen... Yamaha has come out with the WR450 for trail this December. I plan to take a close look, and if i can get a Tag for it, I will sell my XR650L and buy my first Yamaha. If Honda wanted our business they would do the same with the CRF450... lower compression, trail gearing, larger seat and tank, and make it street legal.. They could have all the dual sport business they want... Write your letter to Honda...

Correct springs and the Summers brace made a world of difference with my BRP. As far as front tires go - that is such a local answer, S12's are the hot set up here in the northern woods,(not DOT but the cops don't check), and I get 1500 miles on the front, 1000 on the rear.

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