Stupid question

I am in the process of replacing my shock spring. I have the shock off of the bike but can't figure out how to get the spring off! I know this is an easy job - what am I doing wrong?!?

Do you have a manual? I can not explain things better then yama does in their manuals. If you don't let me know and I can post one on here.

I do have a manual. The locking rings are loosened all the way to the top of the shock, but the spring is still too long to get the "C" clip off. It is still being pushed down towards the rubber bumper.

Use a vise grip type of plier with a thin piece of rubber under the jaws to pull 2 coils a bit closer together and it may help to loosen the clip. WR Dave.

Do you own a spring compressor - I think you can get them for about 30 bucks - really helpful tool.

Wow! Thank you for TT and all of the helpful people here to help morons like me :applause: I spent over an hour trying to get spring compressors to work last night when it was a 1 minute fix :cool: I hadn't separated the bump stop from the collar to slide it up the shock shaft.

Anyway, spring is replaced - piece of cake. Thanks again everyone!

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