07 wr 450 oil in the airbox?

i have had my bike for 7 months now and now ive got a little oil in the airbox. I noticed it after checking the drain to the airbox after a watercrossing, it was only a little oil and then later that day after some straight line racing, i noticed oil leaking from the airbox door ,i checked the dipstick and it was at a proper level any advise would be helpful

hmmm...interested to see other's responses. Kinda confused how oil would enter your air box if it was not from the filter itself...I am not a top mechanic by any means though.

This would indicate to much oil in the crank case. Double check the oil level just to be sure.

Hey gregwr450f what was that link again? :cool:

each link is actually different, the subject has been done 1000 times, next we'll have someone asking "WR-450 backfiring":smirk:

too much oil..... it is displaced into the airbox

the third link there is mine... i had the same problem and found out that i wasn't draining all the oil out. i didn't realize that there was 2 plugs on the motor (one on each side) and was only draining the one on the left. the dipstick read right and everything but i had oil coming out of the airbox untill i drained both.

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