14/53 sprocket installed, what’s my ratio? Can I do wheelies now?

After all the discussion and wasting my money on a 51-tooth rear sprocket I went to the 14/53 because I want to be crazy like yamakazie dude. (I also want to be fast like yamakazie) Didn’t notice much with the 51. You guys taught me how to figure the overall ratio but how do I figure each gear out. I want to know how close my new (14/53) setup is in each gear to my old (14/50) so I can see where they overlap. The 53 feels strong in the test site (parking lot) and I will be in the dirt Sunday for the real test. Here is the stock numbers with the 14/50 setup. What are my new ratios with the 14/53 and what does the 1st set of numbers mean? 29/12ect. And by the way, are we going to cut the blue wire or not?

1st 29/12 2.416 New Ratio?

2nd 26/15 1.733

3rd 21/16 1.312

4th 21/20 1.050

5th 21/25 0.840

your gear is 3.78[divide the number of rear sprocket teeth by the number of front sprocket teeth for gear ratio.]i dont know if you will be able to pull wheelies.that will depend if you have any riding skills.i have no problem pulling wheelies in 1st thru 4th gear. my gearing is 15/49[3.26]

Freestyle: I know what my ratio is. I am trying to find out what the ratio for each gear is/ reread the question and dont do any enduros where you have to read signs!

You have added 3 tooth to your 50 tooth

sprocket, so 3/50 = 0.06 = 6%

You have changed your final gearing with 6%.

Your bike will go 6% slower in the same gear

and rpm compared to your 50 tooth sprocket.

The ratios you mention seems to be for

your gearbox and since you have not changed

your gearbox these ratios will be exactly

the same.


I don't think freestyle meant anything by his comment. We can all wheelie some can do it for three feet, some for miles and some of us lay on our backs wondering why our rear fender looks like an open trunk lid :):D:D

If you look in your owners manual, in the front, listed under general specifications, you'll find your answers. Here's what listed for my 99:

Primary reduction ratio 62-21 (2.952)

Secondary reduction ratio 50/14 (3.571)

Gear ratios: 1st 29/12 (2.416)

2nd 26/15 (1.733)

3rd 21/16 (1.312)

4th 21/20 (1.050)

5th 21/25 (0.840)

May try and make RC this weekend again, had something come up last Sunday, didn't make it.



You now have a grunt monster in your hands....Once you get it in the woods you are going to find that all that shifting between 1st and second is over. You will now ne able to use 4th gear in the short and med length straights, which is going to make you faster than most of the others.. Remember that your gearing is already taller than the YZ, even with a 6% drop you are still taller, but now you have better utilization....Climbing major hills in 2nd and third gear is now going to be a breeze, and stallling shouldn't be an issue. Personally I only use the 14/53 combo on the MX track and use a 13/53 in the woods....with the latter it is damn near impossible to stall, and I get the use of 5th gear, taking away any advantage that a lighter 2 smoke could gain on me in the tight stuff.....My only issue remaining is to get my butt back into shape so that I can hold onto this 250lb rail rocket longer....I'm in the gym 5 day's a week and it's starting to pay off...

Good luck...and Happy Roostin !

Bonzai :)

Bill, are you trying to tell me my transmission speeds did not change? Isnt 2nd gear now like my old 1st gear?

I have never done a wheelie but I have the article on how it is done. I must be sick, no I have always been sick but at 53 I am getting ready to try it. Apologies if I came off as a smart a _ _.

Yamakazie (love to misspell your name) Man, your posts keep me chuckling not to mention informative. I know I will never be as fast as you but I am wondering, with this gearing, can I be----

Bonzi Jr ? Fred

[ April 11, 2002: Message edited by: levy1 ]

I am thinking about going to a 13/52. This would give me an even 4.00 ratio. Issue is, Where do I find a 52 tooth rear sprocket? And, what manufactuer would you all reccomend?

Thanks in advance for any help.


Levy-1.....Dude I'm 43 and plan on doing this for years to come....I HOPE....I will for-warn you...If you smack the throttle coming out of a turn, the front wheel is going to head for the sky with your new gearing. Be ready for it. I've dropped from 230 to 200lbs during the past 6 months...I have to get all the way up on the tank sometimes coming out of a berm to keep the front wheel down.

You can be as fast as anyone on this board with practice. Two years ago the GANG I ride with was smokin my butt....Now I'm kickin many of them out of the way...I have moved from the back of the pack to the top three..(I don't know anyone who can smoke MXTuner in the woods...Damn that guy is Greased Lightning) My main thing is to have fun....I love getting out there with these youngsters and racing...It's way cool to dog em all the way through a race, Then look at their faces at the end when I take off my helmet to reveal the Gray hair and Goat....I had a guy from South Carolina pretty dejected after the last GNCC...His buddies were spanking him for getting beat by an old man...Personally I thought he was pretty fast.

Just be careful....Old bones and muscles don't heal like the youngsters do...I ripped a calf muscle in a MX race last October and am just now being able to make some 30-50ft jumps without a searing pain on the landings.

Most of all enjoy your Motorized Fountain of Youth.

Bonzai :)


I'm supplying the gear ratios for a 99 in stock trim and where to find your stock gear ratios. You'll have to figure out what the change for each gear is, since your final drive change.

Don't sweat the numbers, just wick it and grin :)


the best way to suss out gearing is to try it. I have been riding a long time thoug i am only young, i also do this for a living. I am running 15/48 on my 98 400 and can get whelies from 2nd through to top its all in balance.

15/53 gearing is what i would run on a veeeeery tight trail, moto cross track or a place where there is lots of hills.

Wow, There is hope for us over the hill gang :)

If you cant wheelie that beast w/ 14/53 gearing, it aint running!

Coldweld, I tried to send you a message back but you have the feature turned off. Change your profile so you can receive messages.

Here is what I learned. 51 tooth does not change the gearing low enough for me. I wasted my money on that one.

Most guys are running 14/52. You can buy this sprocket cheap from the dealer as it is in the service manual.

I went to a 14/53 and will be racing for the first time next Sunday. I will try to remember to send a post on how I like it.

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