Helmet cam

Miss Claus got me an ATC 2K for X-mas,I think I'll keep her around, need to get the angle correct, all I was getting was the fender but here's the mount on the helmet,zip ties, hose washers for height and rubber the video is actually pretty good at high res.................:cool:





Post some vids when you get them.

I am interested in one myself.

The problem I had with my 2K was it failed on very bumpy terrain or big jumps. I lost some nasty footage of my buds 650r bitein it hard in the mountains. That is the one time I wish it worked correctly. Files said they were corrupted. It could be possible the "cards" were sub standard. Are you using a Faster card? Also had the same problem with the proper angle. My solution was to use my portable DVD player to get the angle correct, then record when satisfied. Saved me a lot of trial and error runs. I also noticed on my rocket that at 100+ the sound was overwhelming. In other forums they suggest to place a piece of foam over the mic. I am in process of running it in cold weather on my new turbo sled. I fashioned a insulation wrap around the cam to protect it from fogging!!

I use a Panasonic SV-AV100. It records at above DVD quality and has no moving parts to make the video jidder when you are going through the whoops, jumping or crashing. I made a ballistic nylon pouch that holds it on my helmet. The video you are watching is way less quality then what it was videoed in. Like I said, it records at something like 800 lines most helmet cam record around 360 lines.

Ha ha ha! I had my cam up top like that..........until mister pine tree wanted to look closer at it and took it off my helmet!!!watch out in the woods!! Here is a wheelie on the 650L


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