Dialing in my suspension (H E L P)

Greetings fellow thumps!

Can someone please point me in the right direction for dialing in my suspension. I have a stock 2001 WR426 and weigh 240lbs (yes I'm FAT). Where should I start with my clickers (rebound and compression forks/rebound and compression shock), how many clicks in or out initally? Am I wanting a smoother ride or harsher ride?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


You can have great suspension however you will need a shop to set you up. What I mean is you will need new springs and updated valving. Stock the bike is setup for a rider of no more than about 190lbs so your springs are to soft for you right now. In the mean time I would go a few clicks harder on your compression and rebound front and rear.

mark, I weigh 235 and my 02 wr426 is still stock. It works great for me. Just follow your manual that you got from the dealer. I got mine dialed in for me. Don't forget to open the bleed port on the top of your front forks every time you ride. That can cause a rough ride. Compression is on the bottom of the shock and rebound is on the top.First you need to count the number of clicks clockwards and write that down some where you can find. That is the stock setting that way you can always refer back to it. Just add a click or 2 then ride it come back make some adjustments till you like it!

Check out www.mx-tech. This site has separate detailed supension tuning for both MX and off-road - the best I've seen.

I take it that your looking for Honest help, so you've come to the right place. Fat, Muscle, Rocks in your pockets it doesn't matter....The Suspension on your bike rolled off the showroom floor setup for a 180 lb rider...period....I don't care what you do to the clickers on the forks or the Shock it will never be comfortable in it's stock configuration....I know cause I've been there.....

The first thing you need to do is have an aftermarket suspension upgrade, Race Tech (I have) or MX Tech it doesn't matter, you will need to have the valving changed which will normally cost around $250.00, to include the fork springs replaced. You will need to upgrade the shock spring and have the valving done in the shock as well.....

It's only about $90.00 to upgrade the spring and if your not ready to shell out your whole bank account on the suspension at one time, the spring (on the rear shock) alone will work for awhile.....However the forks should be done ASAP, before you start jumping things.

The entire upgrade on my suspension cost me $600.00 complete. It was the best money I ever spent! I went from 230 down now to 200....Can't wait for 180 to get here for the increased staminia.

Good Luck :)

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