Several new 4 streoke models coming for 2003 (from Daily Motorcycle)

NH Kevin. Did you read the article. Read about Honda. The editor says Honda only makes an air cooled 4 stroke. Where is this guy living? I sent him an email to give him an update.

levy1, he said "liquid-cooled 400-class enduro machines" and "electric start model in this class."

I read that to mean liquid-cooled, electric start, 400 class ENDURO oriented machine. That cuts the CRF450 out of the picture... I have seen a few cool CRF's (of course not nearly as tasty as the WR :) ) that were tricked out for enduro and I think Honda would be stupid not to provide a bike that is clearly desired by hardcore off-road Hondaphiles.

the uk trail and enduro mag TBM has an article about the 03 Yams. They report to have heard that the 03 wr / Yz 426 will become a 450 and that they will have major engine enhancements, a remodelled swingarm / linkage and an aluminum square section frame that follows the same design as previous YZ / Wr's rather than the Honda perimeter type frame.

They also stated that rumurs are high that it will have an electric start but this could not be confirmed.

They have said that the 03 model is expected to be 1.25kg's lighter than the 02 model.

They also said that the overal design has been changed too, and that they look much more like lighter "racing style" machines than they have for the last 5 years.

They have posted what looks like an artists impression of the 03 machine, although it doesnt say if this is from Yamaha themselves or not. I'll upload the pic later.

I need to double check all the specs and quotes as I read it last night - I'm at work while wrighting this.


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Paul, please post that pic as soon as you can... I need something to drool over. :)

Paul, Sounds like the same article that appeared in the last edition of Dirt Rider....

I'm laughing my A$$ off over Kawasaki doing anything in the 4 stroke realm except rolling over and playing dead....I can see it Now...a KLX400/450F, With the cheap frame of the KLX300, the weak Idler gear, the crap Shift Star, and breaks in half at the steering head on jumps over 20 Feet (That's gonna be their "easy Load" feature), not to mention absolutely incompetent factory support. Not to slam them completely...Their Street Bike line and the KDX line are competative.

Ok I'm done Now....and Yes I am a Proud Seller/Trader of a 2001 KLX300R...This thing is gone in two weeks for a 99 YZ400F for my Foster Son.

Bonzai :)

paul they actually said the 'frame' would be 1.25kg lighter

they also said it was all based on rumour reaching there office

the artists impression is done my a guy the magazine uses often

my local yamaha dealer had heard it rumoured.

it will be a 450cc [no sh&t,,, really??]

the mx version will be a kickstart only

the enduro will have a leccy boot

and the styling will be in line with the 2 strokes

i think everyone is best guessing

if theres one thing yamaha is good at its keeping things under wraps

Two years ago I made the statement here on TT "I saw a YZ 450!". What it turned out to be was a YZ250F. I was told it was a 450. I was allowed to look at the bike for a quick second before it was covered up with a tarp. About all I saw was the sticker on the rear fender that said something, and I noticed it had a 50 in it. I also heard the bike run from a distance. I had assumed it was a 450.

Doh! I was way wrong. From now on I gotta see and ride and smell and taste it before I believe it.

Here's the piccy anyway although if it's just an artists impression it's probably not based on anything factual. I don't have a scanner so this is just a digital camera photo.

Nice artwork though :)


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