WR450F...anyone got one yet?

I'm currently torn between a '02 YZ426 that is still sitting on the showroom floor and the new WR450. The big thing is getting some ride reports from WR450 owners. Anyone teraing it up on one yet?

As far as I know they aren't even out yet, I heard December? If you can get the 02 cheap you can't go wrong. The 03 450 is new and there might be some small problems? The 02 is proven and unless you are a bad A$$ you won't even notice the difference. Just my opinion. :)

December huh? Dang. I guess the 426 is the best option, especially money wise, and I am by no means a good rider, so that may be the route to go. The rub is that the '02 is the YZ model and not the WR. I currently have a '00 YZ250 smoker and want the best of both worlds, and one with lights would be even better! :)

electric start makes it worth the wait for me. :)

I apologize I didn't read your post correctly, I just saw 426 not the YZ part. :) These are two entirely different bikes, I would go with the WR. :D

Me too...

starter is nice + a lot of improvements. Hot start is on the handlebar, auto decompresser, titanium header pipe, better suspension... check out the list of newer things in the web site...

Totally agree with Sabooo and Sabin. YZ are for the track. Lots of improvements on the '03. Plus, the magic "E" button will save you in a number of occasions if you ride enduro in rough trails... May be wrong but I suppose that WR are also easier to convert into a dual sport bike.

Math (WR426F 2001 with dual sport kit from Baja)

Still torn between the two. I suppose the wait is worth all the extra goodies on the WR, not to mention I just found out I have to spend $1700 on my truck. Now I'm out of cash and will have to wait.

RoosteR13, Have you tried calling all of the dealers with in a reasonable drive radius. I have a friend who called about every dealer in the state and he finally found one who had a new 02 250F. He got it for about 5000 out the door. I know you would like a 426, but you might be able to find a similar deal on one? Another option is look on line. Last year I got a brand new 01 shipped in the box to my door for 5500. I found it on www.cycletrader.com I looked today and they have some used bikes right now but no new, but check back often things pop up. Ebay and a couple of other forums are out there. Take your time and a good deal will come up.

Thanks for the input guys.

cnacc - Time is certainly what I have a lot of now. It's the money I don't have. Unless of course, I sell my sled, then we're going shopping!

I've never gotten a chance to swing a leg over one of the new thumpers yet, so I'm anxious to ride/own one.


If cash is a problem then maybe this will help. I just bought a WR450F from Canada. I live in Michigan near Detroit so crossing over to bring it back is no big deal. Dirt bikes are duty free and Americans pay no sales tax. It cost me $5400 out the door and is supposed to be here Jan 1-7th

Yes, cash is the problem. I had about 2K saved up, but my truck took a crap on me when we went to Oklahoma to ride for a week earlier this month. That cost me $1,700. Now I have to sell my snowmobile if I'm going to get the thumper. I will NOT sell my 250 smoker, I'm just now getting it dialed in on jetting and suspension! No sense quitting now...... :)

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