WR's k's wound back, BUYER guide...


looking at getting a WR, probly a 426, Ive noticed the k's vary with the bikes being sold, is it possible that some bikes have had the k's wound back?

Also what sort of service intervals should be performed, things to look for, ask about? - i'm trying to be wise in choosing among the many wr's for sale.

thank you

Ignore the kms as most blokes take the speedo's off anyway then refit for sale.

Check things like sprocket wear, peg wear, rubbing on the frame/platics from boots,check for dirt/dust behind the filter and how clean the filter box is, just the overall condition/appearance of the bike.

Ask the seller where the oil filter and sump plug is located on the bike.(see if they know)

Oil should be changed every 500kms.

check out www.dirtbikeworld.net

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