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2003 450F

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Any one heard of this problem? Don't know if its true?

If your in the market for a NEW Yamaha YZF450 you may want to wait till next year. They are going to have a recall on the clutch. They seem to be grinding the baskets and plates........leaving metal shavings in the tranny. I heard there are people getting the basket replaced with a hinson YZF426 retrofit units. Some owners are a little upset over the grinding they got after just one ride at the track............and this wasn't the first 4 stroke the guy has bought from Yamaha....400 & 426. Not to happy with the clutch but loved the bike when it's not in the yama shop.

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I also heard that the shock bolts have been snapping, thus driving the shock right up the unsuspecting riders a$$.

I didn't actually see this in person but I heard from a very reliable source that this is true.

I'm so frightened I'm selling my 450.

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I finally buy a bike after almost 9 years with the same bike and I read all this. If you don't know this to be fact then stop posting. It worries the crap outa guys like me. I have yet to get my 450 out on the track and there are rumors like this. If there is any validity to this then I stand corrected but come on!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Man you guys are scaring me!! I dont think I am going to buy this 4-5-0 thingy ma-bob!!.........

Wait a minute.......I already did!!

Wanna buy it??

$3250 OBO!!! :D

I will take payments just to get out from under this thing!!!

I'm scared man........... ๐Ÿ™‚

What happens if I have to actually work on it???

I dont know what to do except sell it.

Call me soon.

I need to put money on an XR150f!! :D

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Yeah :D

I am selling it cuz it is heavy, slow, gutless, suspension sux, only 1.8gal tank, 4spd tranny,frame is cracking, and most of all the thing doesnt even come with a damn compression release! :D

I cant even use that routine that I learned over the last 3years.!! ๐Ÿ™‚

MAN this bike SUX!

I'm gunna see if I can find a YZ490 or PE 465 to replace it!

Man I hate technoligy! :D

Whatever happened to good ol' STEEL.....Now they gotta' put this crap called titanium on everything!! :D

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They are going to have a recall on the clutch.

If you have access to that kind of information, you must be pretty high up the ladder in Yamaha-motor corp. As for statements based in fact, I have three:

1. Clutch basket disintegration has not been a common complaint on 450s.

2. There are no service bullitens on the YZ450 at this time. As in none. No service related publications whatsoever. non-existent.

3. If any manufacturer issues a recall on anything, the consumer will be the last to know; not the first.

If your in the market for a NEW Yamaha YZF450 you may want to wait till next year.

Since all the competition bikes (regardless of make) change from year to year, that logic will never allow you to own a new bike.

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Number 1... Breezer, I hope that you are joking. The YZ rear suspension is unchanged from previous years, so unless I am missing something, I haven't noticed any posts on how to remove a rear suspension from your a$$. If you are sincere, I will take your A$$ ramming YZ off of your hands for the scrap cost. I will even cover the shipping cost.

Number 2... RedRiderAz: The real issue. Clutch? No there is no re-call on the clutch. I spoke with my dealer today. He called the regional office and they called their international office, and NO, there is no clutch re-call. If there were a re-call, he told me that owners of 2003 YZs would be informed for service of the clutch. Verify your source on the clutch re-call issue and report back to this post. I would be curious to know of their credibility.

For what it's worth,


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1. all the yamaha thumpers have left metal shavings in the oil filter due the fact that the oil goes through the motor, tranny, clutch etc... NO BIGGIE... most of the metal shavings are clutch fibers & will decrease after a few rides... my 426 did...

2. Some yamahas have had clutch basket problems.. when i got my 2000 426 lots of people had probs with the ears breaking off. Mine never did.. mine lasted 1.5 years then i melted the clutch in a muddy hare scramble... ( yes melted.. warped the clutch cover it got soo hot but the bike was fine after a oil change & hinson basket)

3. some people are having valve problems on the CRF's.. mine ( a year old 10/18 & has seen lots of moto & a few hare scrambles ) & several of my friends that ride theres harder than me are fine too ..none of us has ever touched the motors in our bikes...

these SO CALLED issues might happen in 1-2% of bikes.. any brand... Cars & trucks are no diff... you may swear buy Ford but your buddy buys one & the tranny falls out in 2 weeks... any mass produced mechanical device will have a few lemons... a few but not many....

I would bet the new YZF 450 is a fine machine & since i have several riding buddies getting them soon i cannot wait to ride it... Every year these thumpers are gonna get better & better...

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