yz450f for off-road duty??

i ride a 98 yz400f and if u have any of the 450's tuned right they are awesome on trails. i think they are best trail bike out with loads of torque and u dont have to use the clutch as much... chugging is great with loads of torque to get you to powerband... i am 5'8" 140lbs and i ride this bike very easily on trails and can start it easily as well i would think a 450 would be way better..

Ya definantly get the yz450f. I have the 06 and it is a beast it handles great in the desert and very well in the hare scrambles. It will have no trouble pulling you around and in fact you'll be surprised at how much torque it has even with a big guy like me and you.

I have an '04 YZ450 that I use for every thing from trails to moto and I'm very happy with it. The bike is stock except for some hand guards and some Dunlop 756 tires. The only thing I'm thinking of adding is a flywheel weight to mellow the hit a little on the trails. Overall, it's really hard to find any fault with the bike at all. It's just that good at everything

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