New to Honda

Hi all, I,ve bought a 1998 XR650L and it's being delivered in about an hour! I'm sooooooo freekin excited:applause: I had a DR650 a few years back (sold it) and and have missed the thumper ever since. I used this forum to get some great info. on the DR650 and hope to do the same with my XR650L. I'm not sure what mods have been done to the XR but I will spend the rest of the day looking it over and figuring it out!

Nice to meet everyone.

Steve from Georgia.

That's great! See if you can post some pics and be sure to give us details on the bike:prof: :applause::busted::cool:

There is everything you could need on the XR650L here. Every mod I have done, has been from searching these forums.

It's a great bike, enjoy.

Welcome to the red fiery incarnations of hell! Way to go with red!


congrats on a great bike, have fun.


Welcome S from G! YOU WILL LOVE THE L!!! All kinds of good info here...

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