1999 YZ400 MSR Clutch Lever w/Hot Start to use for decompression

I am trying to move the decompression lever under the bar and I purchased an MSR AOF Clutch perch and lever to accomplish this. I know, the cam is the way to go but the clutch perch was 35 bucks. Everything seems to fit fine, but when I turn the bars all the way one direction, the cable gets too tight and pulls the decompression killing the engine. Is there any way to get more length out of that cable. I do not see any adjuster on the side of the engine where it attaches. I have adjusted the cable adjust (a few inches in from the lever) but am still not getting enough length.

Anyone have any luck making something like this work?


Did you try to re-route the cable? Often changing its' path can effectively lengthen or shorten a cable, depending on the route it takes.

there is no way to re-route it unless I do not go through the forks and over the bars. I could come off the neck of the bike and go up to the bars but that does not seem safe.

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