Pulling Throttle cable

Amazing I was gone riding tomorrow & here I am at 22mins past midnight trying to fit new handlebars :cool:

I have read about the cables going below the tank bolts but I have checked this & they are above, Is there any reason why I can't turn the throttle grip upside down to give me a little more slack ? the picture below is how it was & want to turn the throttle grip round 180 so the cables would be below ?

Aslo is there a torque setting for the tank bolts ???


Is that the stock throttle housing or is it an aftermarket one? It looks like it might be a Motion Pro setup, but it's hard to tell from the pic. When I installed my Eddy I went with a Motion Pro quick turn ratio setup instead of the garbage stock one. I ran my cables behind the bars and then over the top of the engine (between the top engine mount brackets) then straight to the carb. This was the best way I found to keep them totally bind free through the whole turning radius. :busted::cool::applause:

Mine is rotated towards the pilot 90 degrees.

Mine is rotated towards the pilot 90 degrees.


Don't point the top of the throttle up: the cables will snag on stuff, and the throttle will die if you crash on it. And you get less slack.........

Mine is rotated towards the pilot 90 degrees.

+ 2 on that

The only way I could do it was to turn it 180, if I only turned it 90 it was getting snagged, But to add to misery got it all set up ,handlebars , levers , mirrors, etc, then as i turned hard right it cut out :crazy: The decompresion cable was now stretching , Off come the mirrors & levers , reroute the clutch & decompression cable , At last done ! :prof: But its pitch black out now :cool::applause::busted:

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