2007 WR450 - JD Jetting Kit and Zipty screw?

Hi all,

What do you all think of the JD jetting kit used with the Zipty screw? I ordered both of them a couple of days ago. Hopefully they will work out. I just now have seen some negative posts about both after ordering. I had read alot of positve posts - so now I don't know what to think. I will be using the stock exhaust with the pea shooter removed until I can afford to do something different.



I am running the JDJetting and the Zipty screw with no problems what-so-ever. ANY fuel screw can come out if you don't run the right pilot jet and have to have the fuel screw backed out too many turns. Done properly, no worries.:cool:

You made an excellent choice. I have done the same thing, and LOVE it.

Feel good about it as they're both great products, Steve. In fact, take a look at the Mods Database sticky and you'll see a number of the WR veterans that have the same set up. :cool:

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