'04 uprade HELP!!!!!!!!!!

hey. can some one please help me, i just replaced all the starter clutch components, and electrical generating components in the lower half of my 03 wr450 engine. i had that all fixed then i sheared a woodruff key, i have now discovered that i have a engine Knock coming out of my engine. ive been told to do the 04 started upgrade, can someone tell what i need to buy and how much it will cost me to do the upgrade. im really unhappy with this bike, ive owned it for since sep 07 and barely ridin it due to constant problems. is it worth my while to do the upgrade?


Jack Hillis


We've got VB working overtime with all our 03 drama. Thanks dude:thumbsup:

I'm just going to pull the idler gear and live with the kickstart. It starts so easy anyway and I can't justify the dough just to have the button right now.

thanks champions

Here is the link to the upgrade thread



Yes, follow the instructions from this website that some of our TT members put together a while ago.

If the upgrade is done properly, then a backfire during electric starting cannot cause the woodruff key to shear. Something else may have caused the shear.

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