Trailtech WS settings for S-12's

I was wondering if any of you have dialed in your Panorams with the Michelin S-12's installed? Care to share the WS setting ? I need this thing to be accurate.



Easiest way to do that is to ride for a known 10 miles. Take your odometer reading, and recalibrate to correct.

Example: You have it currently set on 2205 (default, I think) and you ride your known 10 (mile markers, my man!) and read what your odometer says. Let's say it reads 10.89, so you know that over a distance of 10 miles, you are .89 off. So, then it is simple math: 2205 x 10 / 10.89 = your new wheel setting. Then, ride that same known 10 miles, and see if you are spot on, if not, do another correction, and you can get these things VERY accurate.

Do that a couple o' times, and you will be rewarded. I ran my first enduro without really dialing in my Endurance, and it screwed me up! Now I am spot-on.


Thanks Brandon,

My problem is finding a "known" 5 or 10 miles. How can one do this out in the woods without an accurate speedo to measure to begin with ? I still have the stock speedo on but.... I just had my tires changed and am sure it isn't quite accurate. I was just hoping someone already went through the process.

Anyone else?


Sorry aobut that. I have a plate, and for a moment there, I was thinking that everybody else does too.

How about a GPS? One of those would help you determine 10 (or 5) miles traveled.

That, or maybe ride along side a buddy, but then you would be only as accurate as his odo.

Hope you get it.


I am running a M-12 and went with the standard 2205 setting.

No issues for me.

I suggest you take your bike down a rocky river bed and then climb a VERY technical, steep and slippery hill and then go back down. Works for me. :)

Hey dp400,

No doubt everyone reading your post will think you off your rocker. To clarify, we went riding this past Sunday at Stonyford and went up said trail. What an awesome place ! I had a great time Dan even if you kept getting us lost! I still can't get over the view from atop them mountains. I loved it ! Can't wait to go again.

For the rest of you thumpertalkers, I can't believe you haven't provided anymore info on the WS setting for Panoram. I know one of you are running the S-12 and have the correct WS setting! Share the love ! Please !



i have a S12 on my bike ws speedo is dead on tested with stock street bike speedo and car speedo.when testing by comparing to street speedo test we i reset odo before we started and at end of 30 mile ride are distance traveled was exactly the tire wasnt brand new when i measured it and tire pressure was 15psi.if your tire is new or your running more psi and 4 or 5 mm.i think when i measure tire new it was 2171.

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