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Vrecksler QQ??

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How do you like your Motomaster Brake setup? I've wanted a bigger front disk and like the looks of yours w/ their new MC. Is that disk ok to still use on the dirt on stock rims. thinking about going w/ their new wheels & hubs also, but will want to be able to switch back & forth. Any comments or difficulties that you see??

Thanks for the input ๐Ÿ™‚

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So far I have been extremely happy with the performance of the MotoMaster setup, however during the past couple weeks I get a slight pulsing when braking softly. Whether or not this is a warp I am not sure, but WildFX rode my bike and loved the brakes--the pulsing goes away when braking moderately to hard, but I am currently trying to get it replaced just to be on the safe side.

They should be able to bolt onto the stock wheel, I have Talon hubs and I think they use the same bolt pattern because my stock rear rotor fit perfectly. I think it would be WAY too much stopping power for the dirt though, and if you get the caliper it would be a huge hassles to swap back and forth.

Your best bet would be getting the big disk and the caliper bracket--like you said you were thinking. The swap would be easy to do for sure. You may want to ask more people about MotoMaster rotors though, WildFX told me he has heard a few guys complaining of warped rotors.

Hope that helps. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Just to let you all know in the last year only one rotor has ever been sent back to me, That had anything wrong with it, And then it was not warped. Hearing that there are a number of warped rotors out there is strange. So could anyone who has one please call me.

Paul Brent

Moto-Master USA


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Before sending it back, just make sure that the disc and pads are totally clean because you may have got some oil or other material on the disc and/or pads causing it to slip in one spot which would feel like it's pulsing.

Otherwise, check that the disc is seated properly on the hub. There may be something jammed between them giving the feeling that the disc is warped.

If it's not either of these, i'm out of ideas. ๐Ÿ™‚

As for the motomaster discs warping, have a read of this:

We just had a thread on this issue on the Swedish Supermoto list. Your

problem could be related to the caliper/mounting bracket. The (lower)

bolt on which the caliper is floating obviously has a thread that is too

long for the Motomaster bracket. This would cause the bolt to touch the

disc unless, which I guess is the case here, you use a washer to solve

the problem. This solution however causes another problem since the

caliper is unable to float enough to align with the disc when you

squeeze the lever. Instead it forces the disc sideways wich causes the

sound and risks warping the disc. The latter is speculation, but there

are reports of warped Motomaster discs so it could very well be the


Maybe this is your problem??

Mike. :D

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I have also been thinking that a slight pulsing would occur if the rotor has a slightly different thickness somewhere in the circumference. I am going to take a set of vernier calipers and measure various thicknesses to see if that is the problem.

It is not the pads or caliper, one of the guys from the local motorcycle shop checked it out for me. He is one of many roadracers just getting into SM racing so he wanted to check out my bike. ๐Ÿ™‚

EDIT: If the rotor is even, I will definitely call you Paul. I was not slandering the MotoMaster name or anything, just answering as honestly as I could. I actually emailed you several times to get your opinion when I first started noticing the pulsing. :D

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If you had a warped rotor you would be able to tell very easy. A warped rotor would push the pads away from the rotor cause you to have to pump the brakes to get a good feel. I had this happen on a Ferodo rotor and at every corner I was re-pumping the brakes to get them to work. The warp in the rotor was so slight it could not be detected until it was removed and place on a flat surface.

Good luck

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