Where to find graphics

Last night i bought a 2002 yz426 with red excel wheels. At first i didnt really like the red wheels but the bike ran great and was in really good shape for thre 1700 i paid. SO what i want to do now is find some graphics that have some red im them so it mathces the wheels. I would also like to find some number plate backgrounds that are white with red trim. Anyone know where i get these. also, feel free to give suggestions on what you think would look good.


You can get anything with custom graphics. I can't thin of any other graphics that have much red in them.

get some custom graphics made for yourself


Roost MX

and others make these with your input. :cool:

Check out 139designs.com they've done some stuff for me and it's great. Anything you want. If it were me I'd go will an all black gripper seat cover as well and maybe get black or silver bars.

thanks for all the input. So im guessing there are no common graphics companys that make anything in white and red to fit my bike? Also, i was wondering where i could find some white plastics and how much would they cost?

I like the red. Those would look sick with all black or white plastics

I like the red. Those would look sick with all black or white plastics

Thanks, the red is starting to grow on me a bit. I would like to get diff colored plastics but where can i find all black or red and how much would they cost?

If you are looking for graphics that would match what you want get OZZMODS graphics they can make anything you just tell them what you want on it and they will blow your mind with what they come up with good pricing too! its www.ozzmods.com

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