IM SICK OF IT!!!! (off topic)

I am absolutley sick of all the stinkin (bogus) holidays we have to observe. As many of you may, or may not know, today is "boss's day". Does anyone really give a crap about thier boss and wether or not he gets another present?

I mean it isnt like he isnt rich enough already. And I dont make a whole lot of cash but I still have to donate because "its the right thing to do".

Im not sure who made all these BS holidays (probably Hallmark so they can sell cards) but we now have, excluding major holidays,.. bosses day, secretarys day, grandparents day, valentines day, mothers day, and fathers day. (I can live with the last 2) Not to mention everyone here looks for cash to put together a present for the bosses birthday.

Then about 3 times (on average) a year you have to buy wedding and shower gifts for various friends.

I might sound like a bit of a grinch but Im trying to squeak by week after week and people keep asking for free handouts for presents.

Sorry to air it out here, but what better place? :)

I might get flamed on this, but I do feel better now.

My present to my boss was eating baked beans yesterday.

How correct you are!

In that case we all should petition Hallmark to request they create the holiday Lower echelon "pee on" day! We won't even want material gifts. As far as I'm concerned just lunch and Beer will be perfect!

I just snaked some food off the 'bosses day feast table' Hey, it was a few cubes away and my boss is out of town so Im just looking out for his portion.

I agree though, its an ass holiday.

Hey, I'm a boss and if it makes you feel any better I didn't get anything nor do I expect or want any thing from my employees. All I could hope for is they show up and do their jobs. My calendar does'nt even mention Boss's day. But I'll remember that when it comes to Christmas bonuses. :)

Why didn'y they make it "Dirt Bike Riding Day" instead and make everybody ride for 8 hours? :)

We don't have bosses day in Aus, i guess the bosses already know there not getting anything. :)

Somebody need's to call a WAAAMBULANCE.......for Darin :)

Bonzai :D

Yeah, well, I have to agree with Darin. My personal believe -- and let it be known that I have no proof of this -- is holidays are nothing more than government designed economy boosters. Without them, everyone would probably sit on their money until Christmas. With holidays, everyone is forced to spend their pay checks in a timely fashion. Ever noticed that the holidays are spread evenly throughout the year for the most part...?

You purchases are taxed, you money boosts the economy, the government is happy and takes credit for it all.

Don't be mistaken, I don't hate our government. Heck I served it for 9 years with no regrets. Just a theory I have, nothing more.


holidays are nothing more than government designed economy boosters


I'm giving my boss this 3 year old fruit cake that's been lying around the house, Hope he LOVE"S it :)

Gee....I was out on the road road all day....I guess I missed it. :) Oh Well that's another $1 I can put towards my new exhaust. :D I'll be sure to remember it next year....NOT!

My secretary wanted chocolate on sectretaries day, however I decided she had eaten enough chocolate recenlty. They wanted me to wear a red nose on red nose day, coloured pants on gay day and they wanted me to march to celbrate the cycles of the woman that lives down the street.

In an office of over 250 there is a farewell lunch every friday, cake in the tea room every day and collections for babies every week - they even have "pools" on the babies - what brand? what weight etc?

It is all too much, then comes a public holiday and a long weekeed. Every snapperhead in Australia loads 3 kids into a busted arsed station wagon sticky tapes some pushbikes on the roof and drives somewhere. The roads are chaos the holiday venues overloaded and nobody enjoys themselves.

There is a solution though:

- ban stupid celebration days

- donate regularly to good causes (not just on red nose day)

- remove 95% of public holidays and increase annual leave days

With increased annual leave people still have the same time off and are able to organise themselves and their mates to travel when it suits them and no longer to they need to rush around like lemmings on the eve of a long weekend.

If only I were king.

gay day? whatever. :)

I may have made up gay day - I was just making a point - if everybody just got on with it instead of having a days/marchs/holdays we would all be much better off and have more time to ride - doesn't matter what "day" it is. :)


We didn't get our boss anything for "Boss Day". We did throw a football with him last friday though and he tore the tendon off the end of his middle finger. I guess that was his present along with the splint he has to wear for 8 weeks.

Actually, the guy right above me rides an XR650R with me so I can't bitch too much. If he pisses me off, I can just throw dirt on him or leave him in the middle of nowhere since I always drive. :)

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