That's it's coming my way, thanks to you.

:):D :D :D

I got my deal today. I drove 80 miles to a good dealer and made the buy. A new Canadian 2002 426 wr :D. I think the deal was OK, $6300.00 CDN + tx.. I added the Devol rad guard, an aluminium skid plate, alu frame guard, alu hand guard, the Jerry Button high renthal bar. The rest is stock. I can't wait to pick it up saturday. It's lucky I'm working night shift, I'm sure I can't sleep til then :D

Thanks to all of you for the great infos. Like many have said, this forum played a major role in making THE decision.

Thanks to all.

You will surely hear from me again :D :D

Congrats, I am sure you will be delighted. :D:)

Where do I get some Jerry Button bend bars??? LOL

Just goofin on you. Glad to hear you got a new ride. You will love it. Congrats!

I think Jerry is Jimmy's brother in-law twice removed. He never quite made a name for himself like Jimmy did, but has excellent deals on afternmarket parts...

Just kiddin-congrats sylvain-you'll love it!!! :)

Thanks for the precision, Somethime when I get excited as I am now, I have to make sure that my brain is engaged before putting my body parts in mouvement :).


Wow Sylvan thats a great deal....whats the dealers name???The best deal I can find in New Brunswick is 7100 CDN + Tax on a 2002 WR426....I guess I'll just have to wait till the dealer is a bit more hungry....Any special tactics that you can recommend??

Here are my dealer's infos but don't tell anyonen it's a secret :D:):

Grégoire Sport Inc.

1291, rt 343

St-Ambroise de Kildare

Québec, Can

J0K 1C0

(450) 752-2442

Ask for Alexandre, he is the one that served me. Well should I say. :D

The price of the bike, complete with the goodies installed plus the taxes is 7838.00 CDN $$

Goodies : moose skid plate, alu frame guard, Devol rad guard, Buttons renthal bars.

Take care

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