Race on 07 450

Well I did my first races. It was an endure I intered beginner, The first loop was a blast, The second loop kicked my:censored: . I recommend it.

Was that the UMC D-37 Enduro today? Heard it was a rough one.

Why to go:thumbsup: I'm sure there will be many more races you'll be in:ride:

Yes it was the umc race I hope it was a hard one I thought so.

Yes, they really stepped it up from last year which was almost too easy. I did not make it out this year but did hear the second loop was alot of virgin rocky terrain, and the third loop was a beast. Come check out the DMC National Hare and Hound this coming weekend in Lucerne. It's supposed to be raining and possibly snow. UGH! See you there if you make it.

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