TI subframe

Anyone try this on the WR’s?


Fits '00-'01 YZ250F/400F/426F, WR250F/400F/426F Part number:YZR-5JG94-00-TT


Yamaha’s part number is for both the YZ and WR. I’m wondering if it has the bracket for the coolant reservoir

Here's whats different. 1.rear brake res.is different on YZtoWR 2. only one mounting bracket for YZ vs Two for WR coolant tank. This is for 01 and earlier models. 02 models the only difference is coolant tank mount. If this was a aluminum sub-frame it would be a no big deal, ti makes it harder due to different welding concerns. Hope this helps you..SoCal

Thanks SoCal, it’s not looking good for a titanium sub frame addition especially for an 02 WR. I don’t mind fabricating, but don’t like the idea of welding titanium.

I went ahead and ordered an aluminum YZF sub frame by AC for $178. Aluminum’s not that hard to tig weld. I’ll fabricate the bracket for the coolant reservoir.


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