Moderators...I request an Open Discussion w/Bill ,Bryan & Steve ASAP..

Bill and Steve,

I would like to request an open public answer concerning the removal of my post from the forums of TT concerning my recommendation of an individual to provide a cheaper better way to serve our group.

I must protest this action as it violates everything that is discussed on every forum on a daily basis. Under this moderators premis, every post that mentions a product or company not specifically advertising on TT is NOT to be mentioned or posted here. My personal opinion is that this is BS.

If this is Thumpertalk policy then every post that mentions any specific product or any specific business that does not pay Thumpertalk an advertising fee should be deleted.

Im sorry for the tone of this post, but this is (unwarranted)censorship and that pisses me off!

And above all that this moderator's box is full and I could not reply to him , what's that all about!

Bill McCutcheon

Bonzai :D

posted April 11, 2002 12:38 PM


I don't think you ment any harm but....

I had to take your post down, I hope you understand it's not fair to the others to post free ads for a business.

Shoot Bryan an email( and he can help your friend get set up as an advertiser on TT.



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Hey folks,

What's up? What in the world got posted that had to be removed? This forum has been one of the most well behaved places on the web. Is this because we are generally above average intelligence or because of a active moderator?

I would have to agree. The great thing about TT is the sharing of information. The nature of the content is inherintly about commercial products. There have been long informative threads about many products that are not advertised here, such as motor oils, cooling additives, tires, gear, the list is virtually endless. I did not get a chance to read YAMKAZE's post before it was 'moderated', so I do not know the specifcs of the situation. But the history of his posting should at least by him some lee-way.

By the way, I have never seen any of the bike manufacturers advertise on TT. And their products are the central theme for virtually every post in every thread in every forum of this site. So if we can't metion any specific product that does not pay TT an advertising fee, what are we going to talk about?

My post concerning RACE JERSEY GRAPHICS was taken down on all the other boards by this individual. My problem with this is that this post does NOT violate any policy or standard which has been published on Thumpertalk. If this is now a new policy it should be enforced equally across the board.


THAT'S what was censored? Good Lord! :)

Hate to say it, but it smacks of DRN Admin/Moderator mentality. :D

I plug products all the time on these boards. And I'm interested to hear others' product recommendations. YAMAKAZE is clearly an active contributing member, not a fly-by-night spammer.

I think banner ads are a great way for sponsers to gain exposure for their brands, but are posting rights and opinions for sale to the highest bidder these days? :)

I just figured it out: YAMAKAZE is a Race Jersey Graphics mole! He has been lurking on the list, acting as a "regular" member. He even posted almost 700 times, just to throw all of us off the scent of his real mission. They say spamming is a dish best served cold. Now his deception is complete! He finally has sprung the Race Jersey Graphics spam trap on all of us! But we're on to you, "YAMAKAZE", if that your real name???!!!

Pretty soon, he'll be receiving his student visa approval notification from the INS! :)

GEEZ, LOUISE...... I finally get a day off after working 70+ hours a week for the last month, go riding for the first time of the year :D , include a new double in my very small bag of tricks and Kazi is having a fit :D

I don't know dude, I didn't do it and if I did I usually send the person an email to advise them of what triggered the edit or deletion.

Bill you have my personal email address, could'a used that??? I know my mailbox is full and I hate to admit, I don't know how to delete the messages :) I checked the boxes for deletion and did not see an icon to "delete", so I exited and thought that would do it, NOPE! I even looked in the FAQ's???

Can anyone give me a clue :D


And comparing us to DRN whoa. Almost had a great day :D:D

Part II......DOH

I didn't see where Chris had sent you a note letting you know why the posts were deleted. Chris has been a respected memeber of the TT community for a very long time, he started here on a WR. And was welcomed as a moderator, looks like, maybe he thought you were spamming. Although he should'a saw the number of posts you have ??? Or it could have been a simple mistake, trying to do a very difficult job for Bryan and Steve. Bryan and Steve are trying to attract advertisers to help pay for and further develope TT. So they've asked us (mods) to make sure our advertisers get their moneys worth, by not allowing SPAM.

I apologize for my mailbox being full. Maybe this could have been avoided (this topic) if I'd have been able to recieve a PM.

It is not ThumperTalks policy to edit or delete your or my experiences with vendors, good or bad.

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I'm with neWRiver on this...

I like boards exactly for that, to share experience with others riders, if brand X is bad I want to know before spending money, and if product Y is great I also want to know, and if company Z offer bad or great service I'm very interested.

This way we'll help improve industry who can exist by our hard earned money, this board is one of our very few tools to protect ourselves from abusers of our lovely hobby. If we can't share info on other brands than TT advertisers, we're better forget it. TT will never be the same

We're not talking here of a product representative who try to "plug" "his" product here, that's what I call "spamming", but if we share info about a new or old product, it's plain discussion. That's what TT is all about....

My 2 cents


YAMAKAZE, Thanks for the PM regarding the race jerseys. I'll be giving Brad a call.

Mailbox cleared.......


Put the post back up. I want to order a couple of Jerseys for gifts. I do not really care about saving money. For me it’s about hearing from fellow TT’s about vendors who stand behind their products with good customer service. I always read the posts and use the advise to decide which products to purchase.

well i agree i want to hear the good and the bad so if it's a cost thing then charge a membership due's . figure $5 or $10 a yr per person then you wouldn't have to worry about kissing advertisers butts .

Originally posted by neWRiver:

Hate to say it, but it smacks of DRN Admin/Moderator mentality. :D


:) When I found this forum I thought I found refuge from ever seeing another Hitler camp. :D

ok, that might be a tad rough. ...naw!!!

Straight from TT's Moderating Guidelines:

Dealing with Spam

ThumperTalk’s forums are intended for non-commercial use. What we are trying to avoid is the forums being used as an advertising vehicle or for those looking for sales opportunities for their business or a business they work for. Especially, since we’ve began to take on paid advertisers such as Dubach Racing Development, we need to make sure that we are protecting their investment in our site. After all, companies like the Dubach’s are allowing Steve and I to continue to grow and realize our vision for ThumperTalk. Some spam is easy to detect, while some is a bit stealthier.

Things to you might look for in identifying spam:

* Toll-Free numbers for members to contact

* Email addresses like (fictitious to my knowledge)

* Those that accept payment in the form of major credit cards (not necessarily paypal)

*Links within the body of the post that lead you to web sites that are clearly for Ecommerce purposes

* A new post (not a reply) that says something like: “I buy all my stuff at and they are the best!” When you look at the history of this member’s posts (see exhibit 3), you are likely to find that the majority of them

are promotional in nature.

* The same post across two or more forums

If you believe that a post is spam, please delete the post(s) and immediately send a private message (PM) to the author kindly letting them know why you have taken this action. You may only delete posts on the forum(s) you moderate (see exhibit 4). Please also inform them that ThumperTalk does offer paid advertising opportunities and that if they are interested in learning more, they may contact us at This is how we came to doing business with the Dubach’s.

Posts not considered spam:

* Members advertising personal machines, parts, and accessories

* Members that share quality experiences with vendors they’ve purchased from. Clearly, this can look like spam, however, I believe you can tell the difference if you carefully read and if you look at the context of the message.

The bottom-line is that your common sense and judgment must be exercised in dealing with spam. Occasionally, I will delete a post and the author will reply with a pretty solid explanation of why they posted. In these cases, I politely apologize and invite them to re-post their info. To date, everyone I’ve dealt with has been cool and completely understands why we want to delete spam.

Yamakaze, please try to work out your concerns with Chris, however, you may contact me at if you'd like to discuss futher.




Thanks for your response, But under your own guidlines for detecting spam, my post or my record of posts met none of those standards for deletion. Additionally it was and still is impossible to respond directly to Chris because of the status of his mailbox being full.

I have been and continue to be an avid supporter of Thumpertalk...Even when I PM Moderators for information on items in the TT Store and Never get a response, causing me to purchase wanted items elsewhere.

My point of all this is that I request those posts reinstated as they DO NOT constitute spam.


Besides being a preferred market place, why do you think Dr.D chose to advertise here?

Doug Dubach realized active discussions (positive or negative) are taking place regarding his products.

Moderators: pick up on this as prospective sales leads for more advertisement revenue (TEKVEST chest protection/KOUBA etc). A quick templated email to these companies could open many doors.

Existing spam rules are warranted & appreciated, but sharing opinions or info should be more carefully reviewed before being removed. I realize this is not a full time venture, but please find a little extra time to analyze before closing a discussion.


From what I saw in the post, several people had contacted 'kazi about the cool graphics he has on his jersey, so, instead of responding to several emails regarding the issue, he just put the info up for everybody to see. I don't see that as spam... my opinion.

Originally posted by YAMAKAZE:


Thanks for your response, But under your own guidlines for detecting spam, my post or my record of posts met none of those standards for deletion. Additionally it was and still is impossible to respond directly to Chris because of the status of his mailbox being full.

I have been and continue to be an avid supporter of Thumpertalk...Even when I PM Moderators for information on items in the TT Store and Never get a response, causing me to purchase wanted items elsewhere.

My point of all this is that I request those posts reinstated as they DO NOT constitute spam.



The reason that we PM'd you is so that we could explain why we did what we did and to give you a chance to respond. We think that this is the courteous thing to do. With thousands of posts, moderators have to make many judgement calls. Most of the time, I believe they are on the money. However, we all put our pants on the same way in the morning and I guaranty that somewhere along the way, we are going to have a misunderstanding. It's hell being human! :) If you are in contact with Chris regarding this issue, working things out, I believe that you are on track. I know that Chris will take the time to listen and I believe that he's a reasonable guy. Please give him the benefit of the doubt, if you already have not.

In terms of Chris's PM mail box being full, well I'm guilty of this charge myself! Even if you've read and responded to a message, cleaning about your PM is not very clear (part of Ultimate Bulleting Board)and this had caught me off guard. I'll email all moderators, better helping them understand how to do this, if they are not already aware.

Lastly, TT's moderators are not responsible for answering questions about products in the TT store. Their jobs are to keep their respective discussion forum(s) on track. However, Steve or myself will gladly answer questions at or .

Just remember that everything we do here is with good intentions. If we screw-up (and we will) please take the time to discuss it with us. I think you will find us quite reasonable.

Everyone had a great weekend, riding I hope! Cheers!



Thanks for the response... Please Check your PM from me on the 26th Of March concerning the Bike carrier on the TT store.



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