Gray Wire Switch

For those of you who put a switch on your handlebars in order to control

the gray wire mod with the flip of a switch... (Yes, I know I have to turn off the bike prior to flipping the switch for it to work.)

I spliced the gray wire on the way to the engine and then ran the wires

up to the handlebar, on the clutch side. I am using an "on/off" headlight switch and I figure with the switch in the "on" position, it will run in the WR mode (gray wire plugged in), and with the switch in the "off" position, it will run in the YZ mode (gray wire unplugged.)

My question is this: Does it matter which wire I splice?

Should I be splicing the other side of the wiring bundle (the shorter side that goes to the right of the bundle) that runs to the black box? Or does it matter?

It is damn cold here, so I will not been able to test for a while.



doesnt matter

I put a switch on my WR, stashed it in the corner of the airbox. After one day of having the switch on the bike, I cannot for the life of me, imagine ever not wanting the YZ setting. I think I'll only switch it on when I let someone else ride my bike. LOL, they will think I am a faster rider!

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