Water in my electrical connectors?

i've got me an '05 wr450f.

i went for a great ride on saturday, then came home and followed my normal procedure. sprayed some soap on the bike, then sprayed it off with the hose. i then went to start it up and ride around the block to fling off some water...and the ignition light wouldn't come on, and the starter wouldn't fire. i'm assuming i got some water in my electrical connectors behind the light. i've done this for years without this issue.

i sprayed the connectors with WD40, lubed the chain and let it sit for a couple hours. i went out and the light comes on, and it fires right up.

i'm planning on getting some dielectric grease and putting it in my connectors behind the headlight. is there anything else that i should do? does it make sense to shrink wrap those connectors? i'd hate to ride through a puddle and not be able to start up again.

Yup, I would tape and SHWRAP the stew out of that joker. I have always wondered about those little ignition buttons. When I first got mine I thought that button felt cheap like it may one day quit springing back. I even considered removing it and replacing it with an ROT (regular old toggle). So did you just hit the connections or did you have to spray the button to get inside that lil box.

haha....actually, i didn't even spray the switch with WD40. :applause:

maybe i should add that to the list. :cool:

anything else??

dont forget the fuse block under the seat.. thats what gives the switch power. when the relay inside is going bad it will give the same symptoms.

i just push the on button and kick it and the lil red light comes right back on

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