valve adjust problem

so yesterday I decide to check my valves, 3 were tight so I go to the local dealer and pick up three smaller shims. I install the shims, numbers up and make sure they are totally seated. Then I throw the buckets over top, and begin with the cam installation. My problem is I'm trying to get the little dots on the cam gears to be as close to flush to the top of the head as I can, once I get the chain in the right place the lobes are facing too far down and making contact with the buckets making it really hard to bolt any thing down. I just don't know what to try next.:cool:

First off, get the cams oriented correctly(dots) tighten cam caps and check valve clearance. You may do all this work and then you may still need to reshim. Start with exhaust cam, get it right, zip tie chain and gear together. Move to the exhaust. Put marks where you think they should go. The true test will be when you unspring the chain tensioner. The dots may not be exact, but it is really obvious when you are one tooth off.

Has the crank moved? Is the TDC mark visible in the inspection cover? That would be the only reason the cam lobes would be pushing on the buckets. It is critical that all of the timing marks line-up just as they were before disassembly.:cool:

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